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Community Contributions :

About  100  Men 

The 100 Men of Wilmot who give a damn is made up of approximately 100 registered members from the community that are committed to seeing their charitable efforts have a direct and immediate local impact.  Every member who registers is committed to donating $400 a year: $100 per member, 4 times a year, to 4 different charities. 

This allows members to donate $10,000 or more quarterly which is over $40,000 per year to 4 different local charities that directly have an impact on Wilmot Township! The charities are chosen by members themselves and must be able to provide charitable donation receipts.  


Are you a woman looking to make a lasting impact and want to join a group like this? Head on over to the 100 Women Who Care Wilmot website and find out how to sign up! 


Shaping and Supporting Wilmot Township, one meeting at a time 

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